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Our products and services:

We offer modern WordPress and MyWebsiteNow development at affordable prices.

With our web application Labelrunner you can print IATA air cargo barcode labels worldwide.

We are selling the source code of some of our desktop applications at reasonable prices.

We have many years of experience in developing software projects for the logistics industry. Our development tools include: WordPress, Dataflex, Python, LaTeX, Web2py, MySQL, HTML.

Our web application: LabelRunner-AWB barcode label printing.

Our desktop applications: Air freight handling, Time tracking system and Order processing.

The source code of the following applications are for sale.

Air freight export and import

With our air freight program, all common export and import documents such as air waybill, manifest,
barcode label and invoice can be generated.

Time recording by fingerprint

The start and end of work are entered via the biometric fingerprint scanner. Vacation, illness and other absences are entered manually.

Order processing

With our order processing system, you can generate and print your quotes, delivery notes, orders and invoices.