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Our desktop applications are air freight export & import,
time recording by fingerprint scanner and order processing.

These applications have been in use by companies for years and are therefore stable and well tested. You can purchase the source code at a very reasonable price!

The applications listed below were developed in Dataflex.

1. Air freight export and import

With our air freight program, all common export and import documents such as air waybills, manifests, barcode labels and invoices can be generated.

2. Time recording by fingerprint

The start and end of work are entered via the biometric fingerprint  scanner. Vacation, illness and other absences are entered manually. The time recording program takes the start and end time stamps from the scanner and generates the evaluations of actual/target working time, overtime and time compensation.

3. Order processing system (not for sale)

With our order processing system, you can generate and print your quotes, delivery notes, orders and invoices. The transfer of data to a bank is also possible. The most important master data are customers, suppliers, raw materials and products and much more.