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Label printers classified based on their printing technology and usage

1) Direct thermal printers use a printhead to generate heat that causes a chemical reaction in specially designed paper that turns the paper black. Direct thermal printers are generally less expensive, but they produce labels that can become illegible if exposed to heat, direct sunlight, or chemical vapors. Thermo Direct Desktop Printer: Ideal for small businesses needing to print shipping labels or receipts occasionally.
2) Thermal transfer printers also use heat, but instead of reacting the paper, the heat melts a waxy or resin substance on a ribbon that runs over the label or tag material. The heat transfers ink from the ribbon to the paper. Thermo Transfer Industrial Printer: Suitable for manufacturing environments where durable, long-lasting labels are required.

Printers and Labels and their Classifications

vretti DHL Thermo-Etikettendrucker

Vretti 4B-2054L

*Direct thermal desktop printer. *Advantages: Simplicity, lower cost of consumables, *and minimal maintenance. Automatic label detection. *Labels are not durable over time. *Speed: 75 labels per minute (152mm/s). *Connectivity: USB *Requires: direct thermal labels 4" x 6", 25,4 to 115 mm

Zebra Thermodirektdrucker ZD421-EthWiFiBlue

Zebra ZD421D

*Direct thermal desktop printer. *Advantages: Simplicity, lower cost of consumables. *Labels are not durable over time. *Speed:152 mm/Sec. (203 dpi) or 102 mm/Se. (300 dpi) *Connectivity:RTC, USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet (LAN) *Requires: direct thermal labels 4" x 6", 25,4 to 115 mm


Brother TD-4210D

*Direct thermal desktop printer. *Advantages: sturdy, and minimal maintenance. *Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, WiFi. * Print speed: 127 mm/sec. *Requires: direct thermal labels 4" x 6", 25,4 to 115 mm. *Print width: 104mm max.


HotLabel printer

*Direct thermal desktop printer *HotLabel USB label printers can be used to print *Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, DHL,DPD,Poshmark, *Fedex, UPS, Ship Station, Shipping Easy, Shipping. *HotLabel prints labels from 1.57" to 4.1" wide with no *label height limit, ideal for 4" x 6" shipping labels, .



*Direct thermal desktop printer. *Labels become illegible over time due to exposure to sunlight. *Speed: 72 labels per minute (150mm/s). *Connectivity: WLAN *Requires: direct thermal labels 4" x 6", 25,4 to 115 mm

Zebra Techno-Thermotransfer-Zt411

Zebra Zt411

*Industrial Printer *Thermotransfer Printer *Labels long-lasting labels. *Connectivity:Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet. *Requires: Normal labels 4" x 6", 25,4 to 115 mm *Print width: 104mm max.


Zebra ZT231

*Industrial Printer *Thermotransfer Printer *Labels long-lasting labels. *Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet. *Requires: Normal labels 4" x 6", 25,4 to 115 mm *Print width: 104mm max.



*Industrial Printer *Thermotransfer Printer *Labels long-lasting labels. *Connectivity: Serial, USB, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth. *Requires: Normal labels 4" x 6", 25,4 to 115 mm


HP Color Laser 178nwg

HP Color Laser 178nwg multifunction color laser printer (printer, scanner, copier, WLAN, Airprint), white-grey, print + copy + scan



EPSON LX-350 EU matrix printer (9-pin, USB 2.0) black, 43cm, maximum number of copies (5 copies), integrated barcode: Code 128 (A/B/C), Code 39, EAN13, EAN8, Interleaved 2/ 5,POSTNET,UPC-A,UPC-E

OKI ML3390eco-24Pin-Nadeldrucker

OKI ML3390eco

OKI ML3390eco 24Pin dot matrix printer, Connectivity: Centronics, USB 2.0, Excellent productivity and reliability, Print speed: 312/390 cps (normal/fast)

OKI B432dn

OKI B432dn

OKI B432dn A4 monochrome printer (duplex, network) Connectivity technology: USB, Ethernet, WiFi Print speed: 40 pages/minute (monochrome)


ilauke-1000 Thermal

*2 Rolls Shipping Labels *Direct thermal Labels 4 × 6 Inch. 100 x 150mm for *Compatible with Most Desktop Thermal Label Printers. *Labels will fade over time due to exposure to sunlight, etc.


5x thermal labels

*5x Rolls (2500 labels) Direct thermal labels *500 pieces per roll core 25.4 mm thermal labels. *Size: 100 x 150 mm. *Labels will fade over time due to exposure to sunlight, etc.

Labelident thermal transfer labels

Labelident thermal transfer labels

*1 roll white - 100 x 150 mm - 300 adhesive labels *Thermal transfer labels. * With an ink ribbon running across the label, heat transfers the ink from the ribbon to the paper. *Lang lasting labels


zega thermal transfer ribbon

zega-labels thermal transfer ribbon 110 mm x 300 m - zega gold (resin scratch-resistant) - color side INSIDE - 1 inch core Ø 25 mm - for PE film, PP film, PET polyester film

Barcode Scanner


Tera 2023 Android

Tera 2023 Android 9 Barcode Scanner with Charging Station 5.5" Portable Handheld Mobile Computer PDA with 1D 2D QR Zebra SE4710 NFC Wi-Fi GPS BT HD Display for Logistics


Eyoyo Mini 2D

Eyoyo Mini 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, 3 in1 Bluetooth & USB Cable & 2.4G Wireless Barcode Reader, Portable Bar Code Scanning with Windows, Android, iOS, Tablets or Computer (1D 2D QR)


NETUM C750 Wireless

NETUM C750 Wireless Barcode Scanner Bluetooth Compatible Small Pocket USB 1D 2D QR Code Scanner for Inventory, Barcode Image Reader for Tablet iPhone iPad Android iOS PC POS.


Inateck Wireless

Inateck Bluetooth Barcode Scanner 2D 1D, QR Code Scanner Bluetooth 5.3, Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner, Portable Inventory Scanner with 2.4 Inch LCD Screen, BCST-45

Books about logistics


Basics of logistics

This book provides a basic introduction to logistics and classifies logistics in the value creation process. The question of the relationship between logistics (management) and supply chain management is also examined.


Pocket book of logistics

Logistics is essential for modern industrial operations. It ensures the availability of materials and goods, enables the exchange of goods and division of labor and therefore represents an important basis for work.


Forwarding and Logistics, Volume 3

Learning fields: foreign trade, export and import processing, sea freight, inland waterway transport, air freight. Textbook and exercise book in accordance with the national framework curriculum for the training profession of merchant for forwarding and logistics services.



Discover the dynamic world of airfreight logistics written by logistics veteran Arthur Wilson. Unravel the complexities of air cargo operations, explore key concepts, and stay ahead of industry trends in this must-read book for logistics professionals and enthusiasts alike.